Your Metal Building Specialist

M&M's Fabricating and Welding, Inc specializes in all PEMB (pre- engineered metal buildings) and structural erections. Our company offers services for all structural needs, while bringing a reputable level of expertise in commercial and industrial projects.

Since 1997 we have been providing high quality services to the Houston area & surrounding cities. Our design team is enriched with years of experience to provide competitive pricing, guaranteed workmanship and most importantly great customer service. Our mission for all of the projects is to ensure safety , accuracy and satisfaction. 

Trust in our knowledge to be your metal building Specialist in PEMB (pre -engineered buildings). We are also a welding and fabricating shop. Over the years we have helped many local residents with their fabricating needs. From custom stairwells, iron wrought fences, swing gates, minor repairs, BBQ Pits, trailers, we are here to help.  

 Choose Us For Your Next Building Project.

  1.  Competitive pricing .
  2.  Code compliant to all building standards. 
  3. A City of Houston approved fabricating company.
  4. Happy clients
  5. We have a great team and are experts in the  field.
  6. You can depend on us to get the job done right. 
  7. Solid portfolio for big name corporations.
  8. Safe  and cautious in our work.
  9. A great track record.
  10.  You need us! and we want to work with you. Let's build something.
Your Metal Building Specialist