Your Expert structural and PEMB houston Metal Building Erector Specialist.

M & M’s Welding and Fabricating Inc. Offers professional project designing and planning for all your metal building erection needs. As a city of Houston metal building erector, and approved fabricating company you can rest assure knowing you have come to the right place for your next steel building project. 

Our services include custom metal fabrication, welding, steel building erection, from all types of structural designs. We have erected buildings for major corporations, like Ford, Starbucks, Popeye's, Hilton, to name a few... We are located in Houston TX, and will travel if needed.  In addition, we are here to serve our city and build for any project imaginable. Choose us for your fabricating needs and structural ideas or projects you would like to bring to life.  Have a look below to get a general idea of the process. 

What Is The Process For Metal Building Erection?

1. Meet with our design and construction team to collaborate on your new metal building erection project. 

2. Our design-build team will deliver preliminary drawings and estimates. 

3. Once our drawings are approved, it’s time to fabricate your steel building.

4. Ground and site prep: This critical step involves preparing the foundation slab. 

5. Framing: During this phase, your metal building team will install the beams.

6. Sheeting: Once your framing is complete, the wall panels will be installed. 

7. Accessories and trim: After your building is up, it’s time to include all of the trim and accessories. This includes doors, windows, skylights, vents, and fans. 

8. Building delivery and erection: Your new steel building will be delivered as designed and ready to help you achieve your company’s or project’s goals.

Houston Metal Building Erection