The Benifits of Steel Buildings

Why are structural steel  buildings and  PEMB (pre-engineered metal buildings) the preferred choice for commercial and industrial construction?  PEMB or structural buildings provide a turnkey solution with multiple uses.  Above all, this makes a steel building the smart choice in a long term investment. since they are affordable, durable, and energy efficient. 

Exceptional  Safety Standards In Place 

M&M's Welding and Fabricating, Inc.  exceeds all code compliant standards.  Buildings are assembled and erected by certified professionals. In addition we are approved by the City of Houston as a building erection and fabricating company. For this reason ,we have grown a solid portfolio erecting buildings for some of the biggest corporations out there. In sum, you can trust M&M's Welding and Fabricating, Inc. to get the job done right. 

 The Elements

Texas is known for it's unpredictable weather.  You can rest assure knowing your assets are protected from the elements.  PEMB buildings are affordable, durable, and easy to repair.  In fact,  this is why steel is widely recognized as one of the safest options for construction in part due to its natural strength and resistant nature to most elements.  With this in mind, steel buildings are also designed to withstand a 100-160 mph sustained winds from mother nature.

Wear And Tear                                                                                                                                                                 

Steel  roofing  panels create a long lasting building.  Metal  buildings come with water resistant coating  to help from rust and wind.  Indeed this will protect the building from the elements that it may endure over the years. Compared to wood structures, metal buildings are safe from pest, such as termites and other frame damaging rodents. But even so,  steel can also withstand the extreme heat, and is also fire resistant in nature.

The Strength of Steel

Steel components add strength with additional weight.  From their ability to be customized to their low-cost construction , and long-term  durability.  This is what makes steel is the world's most important engineering  material there is.  In conclusion,  steel is the preferred choice in today's construction industry.       

structural steel buildings